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RHENA is a member of the following organizations:

Organization Name           Contact                               Purpose                               More Information

Lend a Hand Senior                       Jim Austin, Coordinator                    helping local seniors                 

Assistance (LAH)                         remain safely in their homes


Neighborhood Support                Don Ijams                                              building relationships for        

Network (NSN)                                                                                                  neighborhood enrichment

Tucson Residents for                              Tucson residents seeking         

Responsive Government                                                                               more meaningful voice in

(TRRG)                                                                                                                 City government

Contact information for some useful City, County & State offices, Police, Utilities and other organizations

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   CoT      =  City of Tucson   ES        =  Environmental Services   TCB     =  Tucson Clean & Beautiful   TDOT  =  Tucson Department of Transportation   TPD     =  Tucson Police Department