Annual Meeting & Spring Party

The RHENA Annual Membership Meeting is held each year near the third Monday of October, at the Peniel Church of Christ, 1990 E Prince Rd, in the Church Hall or in a neighbor's back yard. The meeting usually starts at 7:00 pm and lasts until about 8:30, depending on the agenda. The agenda of the meeting will be sent to the RHENA Listserv about a week before the meeting.

We would like to thank the Peniel Church of Christ and Pastor Angel Morfin for their generosity in allowing the neighborhood to use their facilities for our meetings!

RHENA also holds a Spring Party each year. It is held at various sites, depending who is generous enough to open their front, back or side yard to neighborhood residents. We have good food, music and lots of fun. The party is free, but we may ask everybody to bring a dish to share (pot-luck). Watch the listserv and the newsletter for the announcement of the date and location of the Spring Party each year.

The minutes of past Annual Meetings are available from the Secretary.