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Neighborhood Photos

Do you have pictures of events that have occurred in RHE? Or wildlife in the neighborhood? Or anything else neighborhood-related? Send them to the webmaster for inclusion on this page.

Flo shared this picture of a roadrunner on her back porch with the RHENA listserv in Jan 2020.

Maggie the Facepainter decorated party goers young & old(er). Spring Party 2019.

Some of the neighbors who helped trim the traffic circles in October 2016.

This afternoon we watched three Harris hawks share a meal of a rabbit in our driveway.  The two photos are: a juvenile hawk, and an adult with the rabbit. Two hawks kept watch from above while the third fed on the rabbit. The three hawks took turns keeping watch and feeding on the rabbit. It's thrilling to see a healthy family of Harris hawks in our neighborhood! From Flo on Olsen, 12/19/15


This fella was seen in a cholla in the 3300 block of Wilson. Linda said, "I was outside trimming my cholla and saw this snake. I felt sorry for him; he looked stuck on the thorns. Then he started to move and crawled up the cactus towards a nest of bird eggs. Those eggs don't have a chance. Photos by Linda Wurzelbacher.

Pictures from Jason & Jessica of 2 bobcats in their yard in July 2015. Jason said:

A small bobcat visited our yard today. It relaxed on the wall before moving on, and I managed to get a few pictures with a long lens. We're on Greenlee just east of Jackson. Photos by Jason Davis.

It appears there are two of them, and they've been in the yard all evening. One is much smaller, and a lot braver. It was sleeping in our mesquite tree at one point, and has been hanging out in a planter near the patio. It doesn't seem to mind flash photos.

We're enjoying their company, but we'd rather not have them stick around like this because we have a three year old. If they are a mother and kitten, we're worried the mother could get aggressive.


In the early evening of 10/23/14, this bobcat cub was seen on the patio of a home in the 3200 block of N Olsen. Photos by Ray Lemke.

This raccoon was in the tree in a backyard in the 3400 block of N Jackson on 10/3/14.
Photos by Chris O'Neill.

Here are some pics taken on 7/17/14 at the corner of Lind & Olsen when the streets were being resurfaced.
Photos by Gary Williams.

In July 2014, the hawks are still present in RHE. Three juvenile hawks on the utility pole in the back yard of a house in the 1900 block of E Lind.
Photo by Patti Aguilara.

Seven Harris Hawks on telephone pole in Kleindale easement.
Picture from Nando Zepeda; taken around 2012.

The 2014 RHENA Spring Party was held April 19, 2014 in Nando Zepeda & Sandy Kennedy's back yard. RHE resident Gary Williams took these wonderful pictures.
(Sandy Kennedy isn't "tagged" in any particular photo, but you can see her in lots of the pictures keeping everything running smoothly.)

Spring Party, Apr 19, 2014

Brian from the 2300 block of E Kleindale sent these photos on November 1, 2013. He said, "About 7:30 this morning our dog alerted us to something in our front yard. It was a young bobcat checking out the neighbor's chickens. Love the wildlife in our neighborhood."
Photos by Brian Crowley.

Flo Lemke who lives in the 3200 block of N Olsen sent this photo on August 28, 2013. She said, "a male bobcat on our patio a few days ago...It was thrilling to see him linger to drink from our fountain for a couple of minutes, since usually we only get a fleeting glance."

Sandy Miller who lives in the 3400 block of N Jackson walked right over this little guy and didn't see him until he started off across the yard. Her husband got the picture just before he made it to the cactus patch. A friendly, pack-rat eating Common Kingsnake.
Photo by Jon Miller.

Pictures of interesting sights in the neighborhood mentioned in the Sunmer 2013 newsletter.

Scavanger Hunt - Summer 2013

The 2013 RHENA Spring Party held in Nando Zepeda & Sandy Kennedy's back yard.

Spring Party Apr 27, 2013

The Neighborhood ID Signs are here!!
Photo by Gary Williams.

Great news! In April 2013 the Neighborhood ID Sign Committee completed their 3 1/2 year effort to have Neighborhood ID Signs for RHE. Having ID signs was recommended in our 2007 RHENA Long Term Plan. They are known to bring a sense of community pride and identity to residents and increase recognition of our neighborhood across the City as an active neighborhood that works together and pays attention to what happens in our area. The signs are installed at the 14 entrances into RHE.

Flo Lemke, who lives in the 3200 block of Olsen, sent these pictures of a bobcat on her patio in 2012.

Trimming the traffic circle at Greenlee & Jackson, Spring 2012. Photo by Sandy Miller.

The 2012 Spring Party held in Nando Zepeda & Sandy Kennedy's back yard.

Spring Party, Apr 28, 2012

Pictures from the neighborhood yard sale held on a Friday & Saturday in November 2011. We raised $386 for the Neighborhood ID Signs.

Yard Sale, Nov 4, 2011

Pictures from Donna Moulton of 2 bobcats in her yard in July 2011. She said:

There are actually two bobcats. A big one (male?) chased a small one (female?) up our mulberry a few weeks ago. The little one screamed and howled and sounded pitiful to me, but that’s just anthropomorphizing.

I chased the big one away, but he came back and kept the little one treed for about three hours. He went up, there was a lot more “katzengeschreifen” as Steve calls it, and then they both disappeared while I was going outside to investigate. I don’t know if the big one wanted to eat or mate with the little one. The little one wasn’t cooperating.

Pictures of bobcats in RHE, March 2010.

The following two groups of pictures came from the RHENA blog.

On May 3, 2008 - Look for a new sculpture in the Greenlee/Jackson traffic circle.
On January 2, 2008 - Have you noticed the new ocotillo sculpture in the Greenlee/Jackson traffic circle? Our neighbor Everett Grondin has created this for us. Thanks, Ev! Photos by Deborah Dobson.

On October 2007 - Deborah said, "We found this little critter under a piece of cardboard in our yard on Greenlee in early October. Quite small, about 12 inches long and only as thick as a pen, we think it had recently hatched. After identifying it as a desert kingsnake — a good neighbor that can kill rattlesnakes — we released it into our aloe vera patch where it will have plenty of lizards to eat." Photos by Deborah Dobson.