Associated Organizations

RHENA is a member of the following organizations:

Association Name Contact Purpose More Information

(LAH) safely in their homes (NSN) for neighborhood enrichment Government (TRRG) PO Box 57323, 85732 meaningful voice in City government

Tucson/Ft Lowell Crime Prevention Coalition

In 2009, several neighborhoods banded together in an attempt to curb the perceived increase in crime in our area of Tucson. The start up was facilitated by Karen Uhlich & George Petit, from Ward 3, the Tucson Police Department (TPD), and north-central neigborhoods including RHE, Winterhaven, La Madera, Hedrick Acres and Cabrini. We met at Northminster Church on the corner of Ft Lowell and Tucson. Although the Coalition didn't last a long time, we discussed a lot of issues, learned ways to deter crime, established contacts between neighborhoods and with the police, and got training on graffiti removal.