Board of Directors Meetings

The RHENA Board of Directors meets monthly on a day, time & location established by the board members. The board meetings are open to all residents of RHE. We ask only that you contact a board member if you would like to attend to get the day, time & location of the meeting, and so that we can ensure adequate seating is provided. If you would like to speak to the Board about a topic of interest to you, please see the Board Meeting Guest Guideline to become familiar with how the Board accommodates guest topics.

The agenda for the next board meeting should be posted here at least a week before the meeting (along with up to a year's worth of past board meeting agendas).

The minutes of the board meetings are not posted. If you would like to see them, contact the Secretary who will email or print you a copy. Or if you have a question about a specific agenda item, the Secretary can answer that for you as well.