Neighborhood Plans

Different types of Neighborhood Plans
  • General Plan (GP) -- A plan for the City of Tucson (COT), developed by the City and approved by voters. Tucson's newest GP, called Plan Tucson, was approved by voters in November, 2013. A copy is available at Plan Tucson.

  • Informal Neighborhood Plan (INP) -- A plan developed by a neighborhood for it's own use. RHE has two INPs. The first was developed for Richland Heights (both East & West) with a group of UofA graduate students in 1976. A copy can be seen at 1976 Richland Heights Neighborhood Plan. This INP was used as a starting point for the Specific Neighborhood Plan registered with the City of Tucson in 1977. The second was developed for RHE in 2007 with the assistance of the Comprehensive & Strategic Planning class at the UofA, under the direction of Dr Barbara Becker. A copy can be seen at 2007 Richland Heights East Neighborhood Plan. If you are interested, you can follow the process of the development of the 2007 Plan as it was recorded on the RHENA blog.

  • Specific Neighborhood Plan (SNP) -- A plan developed by a neighborhood and approved by the City. It is used by the City as an advisory document for rezoning rulings. It is also useful to a neighborhood when applying for grants, and as guidance to determine what issues to address. A SNP should include goals, objectives and strategies for the neighborhood. It should include a land use map and land use goals. A SNP is developed under the umbrella of the General Plan and cannot be in conflict with it. Richland Heights has a SNP, developed in 1977 when RHE & RHW were one neighborhood. Developing a SNP involves working with the Planning Department of the COT. A copy can be seen at 1977 Richland Heights Neighborhood Plan. In February 2015, a committee of board members and neighbors reviewed the 1977 SNP Plan and, after discussion, agreed that there were no changes needed at that time.

  • Area Plan (AP) -- A plan similar to a SNP, but covering a larger area. The City may decide to have only APs now that the 2013 GP has been approved, because developing, storing and referencing SNPs for each neighborhood in Tucson is an onerous process. The Northside Area Plan from 1987 includes RHE. A copy can be seen at 1987 Northside Area Plan.