Every RESIDENT, property owner and business located in Richland Heights East is automatically a member of the Richland Heights East Neighborhood Association (RHENA). A Voting Member is any adult member of a household or owner of a property or business within RHE who has paid annual membership dues of of $5.00 per adult per year. Becoming a Voting Member is completely voluntary. Voting Members have the right to vote for board members and on issues brought before the Association. Each Voting Member has one vote.

The money raised through dues is used to fund the Spring Party, purchase supplies for graffiti removal and traffic circle maintenance, and cover other operating expenses. You can download a membership form below (click the down arrow), and send it, along with your dues, to the Treasurer, Jon Miller, at 3443 N Jackson Ave. Checks may be made out to RHENA.

Note: if a check bounces, RHENA has to pay a bounced check fee to our bank. A bounced check for dues can end up costing the association more than the dues would have brought in. Please BE CAREFUL!
Sandra Miller,
Jan 21, 2019, 3:19 PM