We have a number of Committees working on issues in RHE. If you are interested in helping out with any of the committees listed below, please contact the committee or let a board member know.
We welcome all the help we can get!

Standing Committees are mandated in the RHENA Bylaws. These committees must be appointed within 90 days of the Annual meeting each year. They include:
  • Nominating Committee -- the Nominating Committee determines the slate of candidates for Board positions each year. The Committee presents the slate of candidates to the Board prior to the Annual Meeting and conducts the election at the Meeting. This Committee is also responsible for filling any positions vacated mid-year. If you are interested in serving on the Board, or in being a member of the Nominating Committee, email

  • Financial Review Committee -- the Financial Review Committee reviews the records maintained by the Treasurer prior to the Annual Meeting each year. The Committee presents its findings to the Board and to the members at the Annual Meeting. This Committee is also responsible for reviewing the records any time the office of Treasurer is transferred from one person to another. If you are interested in serving on the Financial Review Committee, email

Ad Hoc Committies have been established by the Board to handle specific objectives. They include:

  • Community Committees -- these committees address issues that help bring the residents of RHE closer together as a community. Activities included in the Community Committees include:
  1. Welcome -- This committee delivers Welcome Packets to new neighbors. Packets are assembled as needed. Email if you would like one for yourself or for a new neighbor. (Delivery time is dependent on availability of committee members.) You are welcome to join us when we go to meet the new neighbor!
  2. Neighborhood Watch -- This committee assists with the establishment of Neighborhood Watch groups in RHE. Email if you have questions or would like help setting up a Neighborhood Watch group for your block.
  3. Party -- This committee plans a yearly party and possibly other get-togethers during the year. Email if you have ideas or would like to help.
  • Neighborhood Preservation Committees -- these committees address issues that could affect the appearance, safety or livability of RHE. Issues addressed by the Neighborhood Preservation Committees include:
  1. Graffiti Removal -- This committee watches for graffiti in the neighborhood. They remove graffiti on public property and notify residents of graffiti on private property. If you would like to assist, email Two graffiti removal supply buckets were provided to RHE by Ward 3, and are kept filled with supplies paid for out of RHENA dues.
  2. Traffic Circle Maintenance -- This committee maintains the five traffic circles in RHE and the bump-outs at Lind/Campbell and Olsen/Ft Lowell, by trimming the trees & bushes, picking up litter, and making repairs when necessary. If you have a problem to report or you would like to help, email
  3. Infrastructure/Code Concerns -- This committee acts as a contact between RHE residents and the City regarding maintenance issues, including potholes, missing/unreadable signs, and vegetation blocking visibility.  If you notice anything that needs attention, email and the committee will report the problem and follow up as needed. If you prefer to report an issue yourself, please notify this group so the status can be tracked. This committee also handles property maintenance code violations such as weeds & trash, junk vehicles, poorly maintained exterior, outdoor storage, encroaching plants, etc (see the City's Neat Neighbor web page). A postcard is sent to the residence indicating the problem. If it is not fixed, it may be reported to Code Enforcement. This committee does not become involved in neighbor-vs-neighbor issues. If you have an issue with your neighbor, you can choose to work with them to resolve it, or report it to Code Enforcement ( If the Board believes an issue has an impact on the neighborhood as a whole, it may become involved.
  4. Real Estate Watch -- This committee reviews listings for properties in RHE watching for advertising of features that are not allowed by our zoning. For example, our zoning allows one house (dwelling unit) per property. Guest houses are allowed, but guest houses with full kitchens are not (there are some exceptions). Also, certain types of home businesses are allowed, but having employees come to the house is not. To ask questions or report suspected problems, email
  • Communications Committee -- This committee works to establish and maintain communication among the residents of RHE. Some of the responsibilities of the Communications Committees include:
  • The RHENA Listserv. The Listserv (email list) provides residents a means to reach other residents without having to know everybody's email address. Email to be added to the list or if you have concerns or questions.
  • The RHENA newsletter. The newsletter is usually published quarterly. Articles by RHE residents or businesses are welcome. Email if you would like to contribute an article or write a Letter to the Editor.
  • The RHENA website. Email if you have suggestions, questions or concerns, or you would like to help.