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October 1, 2008:  House number painters and “door to door” services

This past week, the police arrested two men who were in the neighborhood asking people if they needed their house numbers painted on the curb in front of their homes. The officer told a neighbor that these individuals had outstanding arrest warrants for forging checks. Apparently, they were acting “suspicious enough” that someone in the neighborhood called the police. The officer stated this is a different version of many scams in Tucson. He suggested neighbors be VERY cautious if they decide to use “door to door people” for services.
If you decide to use “door to door people” for services, be very careful:

  1. Do not pay by check for services (use cash);
  2. Be careful that the person is not staking out your home for a future break-in; and
  3. Be very watchful.

It may be that the best bet for being safe… is to not use “door to door” individuals around your home.

April 25, 2008:  Burglaries — message from Tucson Police Department

From an email sent 24 Apr 2008 by Tammie Thomas, Community Resource Officer, Tucson Police Department, Operations Division Midtown:

There have been a higher rate of burglaries around Midtown. They are evenly spread out so it is hard for us to concentrate on any one area this week. This is a reminder sent out as requested by Captain Neri. Please remind your neighbors to lock their windows and doors, and be aware of any suspicious activity in the area.

  • Know your neighbors and their vehicles and if any stranger comes to the door with a request to enter, borrow, or beg do not let them in.
  • It is most important to call 911 on the suspicious people that come into the neighborhoods or use some kind of ruse at the door.
  • If someone comes to your door and does not have identification or credentials call 911.
  • If someone comes to the door saying he is a new neighbor, or needs money for ??, or needs to use the phone do not let them in. Call 911 instead. If they needed help they will stick around and wait for us. If they were up to no good they will usually leave. Try as best as you can to get a description (clothing, age, gender, race, vehicle, and direction of travel).
  • Never open your door to talk to someone you do not know. Talk to them through the security door, door, or window.
  • Lock your car doors, keep your windows locked, and do not leave valuables in your car (or at the very least within view inside your car).

Please pass the word as best as you can. We really want to get this problem under control. Please report all suspicious activity and all suspicious persons.

February 2, 2008:  Proposed curb extensions (bump outs)

The city has prepared pictures of the proposed curb extensions (bump outs) at Olsen & Ft. Lowell, and Lind & Campbell. If 60% of the neighbors (residents and businesses) in the affected blocks approve of these changes, the city will implement them as part of the project to redo the Campbell & Ft. Lowell intersection. The affected blocks are on Olsen from Ft Lowell to Lind, and on Lind from Campbell to Olsen.

Olsen & Ft Lowell

Lind & Campbell

January 2, 2008:  Mountain lion

Just had a mountain lion of exceptional size drop a cat in our driveway when my wife surprised him at about 5:45 AM this morning. He headed west on Greenlee and I never saw him again. He was very large and the cat was not a fresh kill but a stored kill.


October 14, 2007:  RHENA Blog Rules

By submitting a post to the RHENA blog, you agree to abide by the following blog rules.

Definition: A "posting" is any article or comment published on the blog.


  1. Postings may be added only by residents of the neighborhood.
  2. You must own the copyright to, or have a legal right to publish, any material you post. (Note: if you wrote it, you automatically own the copyright; it does not need to be registered.) Copyright to any posted material remains the property of the copyright holder.
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  4. Postings must be kid-safe. Adults-only material must not appear in any posting, on another website it links to, or on any link that website may lead to.
  5. Postings may criticize ideas on their merits only, e.g. "That idea is too
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  7. Postings must not contain commercial activity. Comment spam will be removed.
  8. Postings must not contain private information (full name, address, phone, email address, photo of person or property, etc.) without written consent from that person. The webmaster may ask you to provide proof of consent.
  9. Postings that violate the rules may be edited or removed. If a problem persists, the author may be blocked from submitting further postings.
  10. A posting that follows the rules will not be edited or removed just because someone disagrees with it.

July 18, 2007:  About

The Richland Heights East Neighborhood Association (RHENA) was founded in 1994. Its purpose is to provide a formal way for neighbors living in the Richland Heights East Neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona to work together to improve their neighborhood.

This website/blog was created in May of 2007 to give neighbors better access to information about neighborhood activities. The website is by neighbors, for neighbors, and every resident of the RHE neighborhood is encouraged to submit information to share. Contact the webmaster to get started.

RHENA chose the blog format for our neighborhood website because we could set one up quickly for free, and it lends itself naturally to frequent postings of information. The types of information we post will depend on what residents of the neighborhood want. Postings may include:

  • Notices about meetings or the annual neighborhood party
  • Committee reports
  • Links to resources
  • The RHENA long-range planning document (recently put together for us by students at the University of Arizona)
  • Neighborhood watch information
  • Environmental, conservation or gardening tips
  • Wildlife sightings
  • Zoning issues
  • Neighborhood history
  • Etc.

Neighbors do not need to register with WordPress to submit postings; just click on Contact the Webmaster and send in your information. You must be a resident of the Richland Heights East Neighborhood to submit a post.

January 10, 2007:  How to submit a posting as an Author

After you sign up for WordPress.com and receive Author rights to the RHENA blog, you can post articles to the blog whenever you like. Here's how:

  1. Go to http://rhenatucson.wordpress.com/login.
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  6. When you're done editing your posting, click Publish.
  7. When you're done entering all your postings, click Sign Out.

January 10, 2007:  How to sign up for WordPress

There are two ways to submit articles for the RHENA blog.

  1. You can submit your posting on the Contact the Webmaster form.
  2. Or you can become a member of WordPress and get authorship rights to this blog.

To become a member of WordPress, click this link to the WordPress signup page and sign up for a username.

Then Contact the Webmaster with your username and street address (to verify your resident status) and say, "Make me an Author." The webmaster will contact you directly to let you know you can start posting.